About the International Electronic Patent Office (EIIPO)

The International Electronic Patent Office (IPO) is an innovative electronic intermediary with innovative methods and mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property and for all elements of intellectual property, patents and copyrights, an electronic intermediary for economic feasibility studies and operational studies for projects, an electronic intermediary for establishing, financing, managing and auditing projects accounts, follow-up and evaluation, raising the financial and market value of projects, distributing Ratio management and debt collection. In short, the Electronic International Patent Office (Aibo) transforms inventors' dreams into reality and in the fastest time, as we do all patent registration procedures from submission to granting a patent through innovative laws and procedures deduced from applicable legislation. Al-Zakhi leads to projects, factories, companies and material value that accrues to them and to the parties that invest with us and with them to the highest degree of income and the highest percentage of material and moral profits. Thanks to AIPO, the inventor does not need to suffer in achieving his dreams by making the first model of his invention. We help and finance him in that and help him to experiment and develop his invention We provide him with intellectual protection, work for the project of the economic feasibility study, finance the project, establish the company or factory, and provide him with the cadre and the functional staff of administrative minds

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