Registration and documentation of inventions and ideas

The main objective of intellectual property registration is to stimulate the creation of a variety of intellectual property for consumers. The International Patent Office (EIIPO) provides services for the registration and protection of ideas, inventions and their engineering drawings for companies and individuals through our electronic platform, blockchain authentication, and mediation in the registration and protection of intellectual property through official methods. and documented.
Feasibility Studies

The preparation of productive or service economic projects is one of the most important steps for their success, as proper planning for them ensures the success and effectiveness of these projects, and ensures that they achieve the expected financial return from these projects. Therefore, before starting any economic project, an economic feasibility study must be conducted for it. EPO provides the service of establishing and developing financial, economic and marketing feasibility studies with experts and consultants at the highest levels of efficiency for all types of small and large projects.

EIIPO offers a distinguished team of engineers and developers at your service to meet all your needs from developing websites, developing electronic stores, developing mobile applications, booking hosting and servers, technical support services for website and application owners “such as installing plugins and scripts and checking databases”, and SEO services or Archive sites to appear in search engine results, and we are proud to present a distinguished team of graphic designers to design logos, brands and animation design
Marketing and Advertising

Make your brand the most popular around the world with EIIPO's distinguished services in advertising and marketing EIIPO offers SEO or archiving sites to appear in search engine results, designing logos and brands, animation design, advertising campaigns and e-marketing services, managing social media accounts for companies and individuals, e-mail promotion and managing events, events and activities.
prototypes of inventions

Are you an inventor? Do you have an invention and want to develop and create a prototype for it? Are the costs of creating automated models very high? Stop worrying and start working. EIIPO offers you a distinguished service by manufacturing and building prototypes for inventions and experimenting with projects of all kinds in laboratories equipped with the highest technologies. EIIPO also supports you in writing preliminary research for projects using scientific methods recommended in international standards.
Investment and Finance Department

EIIPO brings together the most important elements of the success of projects and startups, as we put inventors, owners of creative ideas and startups at one table with investors and financiers, and develop legal formulas for project financing, providing project financing mechanisms and the optimal way to finance the project, and motivating investors to fund projects.
Startup section, company establishment, businessmen services, employment and rental of facilities and assets

Our distinguished services continue, and here we are, offering the owners of start-up companies a great service by establishing companies and performing all the foundational works from renting offices and facilities, purchasing and leasing means of transportation, purchasing and leasing equipment, machinery and assets, employment, administrative services, personnel management and managing all legal affairs.

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