After the terrible development in the field of marketing, it has become very difficult and impossible to manage things as they were twenty years ago, or even ten years ago. The strong entry of the Internet in all fields led to the emergence of other concepts in marketing that did not exist before, and little by little the companies competing in most markets took the initiative to establish a website for them on the Internet, because it is the only place where you can reach very large numbers of people, You will not dream of half of it if you use traditional marketing methods, as well as the required cost of that being reduced to nearly a tenth without the slightest exaggeration !!


However, in recent times intense competition has emerged between companies in creating and designing websites, either for themselves or for other companies' companies. Although this competition is supposed to increase the quality of the offered services, the exact opposite occurred and some companies try to exploit customers by making offers that are very low in cost and surprise the customer after that with many unpleasant surprises. Intuitive on the site so that it comes out as he wants and not as they want !!


Therefore, if you intend, dear reader, to create a website that serves your goals, aspirations and company aspirations to reach the largest possible number of targeted visitors, introducing your product or service, this is a comprehensive guide to help you in the steps of creating a good website step by step. We will also be with you in any step if you need help through our Twitter page or direct contact as you will find on our website.


Steps to create a successful website

The first step: define a business plan for the site

Before starting to create your website, you should carefully define the business plan for this website. They are represented in the following points:


1- What is the purpose of creating the site?

Determine the purpose of the website

Determine the purpose of the website


The answer to this question will determine many and many variables for you after that and will make you walk on a clear line and arranged steps until you finish creating your website, and even during your modification and development of your site later to suit your evolving needs.


Some of the goals may be related to publishing your company or your idea on the Internet to reach the largest possible number of targeted listeners, other goals that may have to do with increasing direct sales for your company, and this is either by purchasing online directly on your site or providing direct advertisements about your products or services. on the site. Or perhaps you want to manage a site that contains very important and interesting visual or audio content for your target visitors so that you can later use it as a safe source of profit through ads.


To answer these questions, you need to focus on the next step.


2- How will you use your site to reach your goal?

Website goals

Website goals


Let me help you, there are many types of website styles and they are:


Personal Website

It is mainly used to introduce yourself, what you do and your past experiences. It is mostly used for people who want to achieve fame in their field and increase the number of their followers and fans in order to get better opportunities and spread more widely.

Business Website

It is like a personal website but for companies. Where the company uses it to introduce itself, its products, and their experiences in the markets and customers that it has dealt with before, previous business, etc.

In the era in which we live today, having a website has become indispensable for any company. It is no longer a luxury. Rather, its importance has become the importance of having a real website for your company that your visitors can access and visit you and review your various services through it.

Online Business

It differs in form and content from the commercial site, so the goal of establishing it is often to sell products or electronic services directly, and the most prominent example is

Press Content Site (Publisher Website)

It is intended to create valuable and interesting content for the targeted visitors to keep them as long as possible on the site and to ensure that they always return on an ongoing basis. The creation of this site is often for the purpose of using it as a means of profit via the Internet by increasing the traffic on the site and thus obtaining the opportunity to place advertisements in larger amounts for companies and other sites on the site.

Services Platforms

The idea of these sites is to sell electronic services provided by companies as well as individuals to other companies or individuals. The site may be for the purpose of selling the services of one particular company or for the purpose of spreading the services of other companies, as will be clear. And these sites have spread in the current era, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Fives website and an independent website, for selling electronic services.

So from the above, you can precisely define the main goal of your site and also define the general characteristics of your future site on which all activities and information presented through this site will be based. We now move to the next point, which is the most important point in this article.


3- What is the cost of creating a professional website?

The cost of creating a website


If we are going to talk about managing your business and marketing it through your website, then you should specify well how much you will spend during any period of time on this site and how much the expected return on investment is on this site after a specific period of time has passed as well.

Knowing this point fully helps you to make sound administrative and marketing decisions for your products and services during their spread on the Internet. The next step is also determined on this basis.

4- Do you intend to do everything alone?

Website management

Website management


We all know that the terrible cognitive acceleration has made the idea of one man doing everything impossible. Therefore, before embarking on the implementation of your website, you should think: Does your site need continuous development and updating? Can you keep up with the new challenges and the successive updates of search engines so that they appear and remain on the first page of a search engine such as Google?


Of course it would be very stressful, so you have to think, are you going to hire employees to do the job? Or will you entrust that to one of the specialized digital solutions and e-marketing companies? In all cases, you should entrust the specialists who provide you with the best results as soon as possible, in order to keep abreast of the developments in your field.


5- What is the target market for your company's products / services?

Determine the target electronic market

Determine the target electronic market


Do you know the difference between the blue and the red oceans in targeting your customers? Do you know what size of market you intend to compete in? So how do you enter a competition for your product or service? ... Real sound knowledge of the size of the market and the nature of competition in it and what customers expect from producers and advertisers makes you fully aware and aware of the correct steps that you can take to ensure a distinguished position in the market that you want to target.


On the contrary, the absence of this information makes you like someone trying to hit a target with their eyes closed. You will continue to throw your arrows in the air without really hitting the target you are aiming for.


6- Who are your strongest competitors in this market?

Identify and study competitors

Identify and study competitors


Knowing the market alone is not enough to be profitable. You need to generate extensive statistics about your strongest competitors in the field. Information such as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors could be the decisive factor in launching or canceling a comprehensive marketing campaign. It may mean for your business a gain or loss of thousands or millions without benefit only because your competitor has overpowered you at a point you were not aware of.


You can use many analytics and statistics tools to monitor and supervise your website. So that you can study and know the nature of your service users, as well as your competitors in this market that you are seeking to break into.

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