When you think as an investor to request a feasibility study for a specific project, you have to look for the best company to do feasibility studies, because the feasibility study is a guide and a lamp that illuminates the way for the investor and directs towards safe investment,


How many projects ended in failure not because of the traditional idea, but because of poor planning and management, and the failure to obtain a suitable feasibility study that was prepared professionally and distinctly, and the request for a feasibility study of any project is one of the main steps that must be taken before entering the actual implementation phase For the project, so that the investor can know if the investment decisions that were taken were correct or not.


In addition to knowing the feasibility of the profits that will be achieved by the project, and here it is necessary to address the answer to the question: What is the importance of requesting a feasibility study for any project from "Eibo", the best feasibility study company in Saudi Arabia?


The importance of requesting a feasibility study from "eiipo", the best feasibility study company in the UAE.

Before starting any project, it is necessary to make sure of the importance of project safety, and to know the risks and losses that it can bear if this project fails, and from here it becomes clear how important it is to request a project feasibility study from the company "eiipo".

Because “eiipo” has a distinguished team that has great experience and professionalism in the field of preparing a feasibility study for any project, so the work team first studies the idea of the project before it begins in the actual phase of planning the project that the investor has always dreamed of, and based on the final result of the preliminary study of the idea The project The work team within the best feasibility study company in Jeddah decides whether the project is worth starting at that time or it is preferable to start it at another time, and when the work team decides to start implementing this project, a comprehensive and complete study of all aspects of the project is done, through a group Of the business and activities that consume certain resources in order to obtain positive results, and these steps and actions lie in:

The marketing feasibility study that deals with analyzing the market through knowing the market size and knowing and identifying the target segment of the segmentation, by identifying and knowing the target segment of the consumer audience and knowing the total size of the market that the project products will invade, and knowing the size of supply and demand is managed professionally as work is done To meet the desires and needs of the public, and then achieve the expected profit from the project, and by studying the reaction of the target audience on the services that will be provided by the project, the weaknesses, risks and obstacles that may hinder the success of the project are identified.

Conducting an organizational feasibility study related to studying the proposed system for the investor, and through the organizational feasibility study, the priorities related to the work system are clarified and defined and the extent of changes that would hinder the production process.

A technological feasibility study, and this type of feasibility relates to identifying and knowing all the needs, in order to achieve and provide the appropriate software and technologies for this project and that.

The economic feasibility study, which is considered the beginning and the first start to know and determine the success of any project, through which it is known what is the appropriate time for the implementation of this project, and through which tools are identified that enable the investor to make the most appropriate and best decision regarding the available resources, by studying the economic feasibility as a true translator For the investor’s investment process, the necessary financial strength for the project is known and the spatial equipment for the project is determined.


Entrepreneurs must request a detailed and comprehensive feasibility study, in order to make the optimal investment decision for the idea of the project, because making the wrong investment decision leads to severe harm to the investor, financially and morally.


Hence, the company "eiipo" works to conduct economic, technical, financial, engineering and legal analyzes for the project that the investor wishes to do, by preparing a comprehensive and complete feasibility study for all aspects of the project,

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