Definition of creative thinking Creative thinking is looking at something in a different and new way, which is known as thinking outside the box.

A manager thinks differently about solving the problems he encounters on the job, encouraging employees to find solutions to problems without going back to traditional methods. This gives them a sense of achievement and independence, and this thinking enables them to generate more ideas and solutions when presenting the problem on a collective scale.

[2] Promoting creative thinking There are many ways to enhance creative thinking, including:

[3] Mind power training to visualize regularly instead of focusing mental strength

In routine work to confront problems, by trying to see any practical or entertaining matters from three angles. Allocate a certain amount of time for creative thinking; It is possible to specify an hour of the day or week during which creative thinking is practiced on a specific thing. Provide a brief and clear description of any new idea in three sentences. Examples of creative thinking There are many examples of creative thinking, including the following:

[1] Artistic Creativity: Artistic creativity in the company can be represented in the following: designing logos, writing advertisements texts, and creating packaging for a product or anything else. Creativity in problem solving: for example, in inventing new ways to reduce energy consumption, or finding ways to reduce costs during a budget crisis, etc. Creativity in Science and Engineering: Creative thinking can be introduced into science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known as STEM. For example, it is possible to devise a new computer program, to design a highly efficient robot, to develop a testable hypothesis, etc.

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