We IPO are a private legal institution specialized in following up the procedures of intellectual protection for creators, inventors and innovators and taking care of them and contributing to the completion of intellectual protection work through the competent institutions and through legal authorities. We follow up the completion of intellectual protection certificates for inventions and intellectual creations. We conduct research to provide funding for innovative and distinguished creative ideas and pioneering business ideas in cooperation with A group of public and private entities and institutions work steps include

 1- Receipt of the intellectual protection application

 2- Ensure that the items required for protection are prepared and delivered to the Intellectual Protection Agent

 3- We help you to make and test the first model

 4- We do a feasibility study for your project

 5- We prepare and prepare presentations for your project

6- We are looking for the right financing for your project

 7- We manage the agreements and contributions of partners and financiers

 8- We establish the company, warehouse, assets and factory for you

 9- Promote your company

 10- We develop a comprehensive advertising plan for the project

 11-We evaluate the project, solve its problems, develop it, and follow the steps for its success

We carry out all the necessary studies before implementing the legislator in cooperation with accredited specialists at the highest level in the field of financial studies, economic feasibility studies, operational studies of projects, executive, supervisory, administrative, accounting, evaluation, development and project insurance.

We in Ibo serve as an incubator for creators and their ideas, for true innovators and owners of inspiring, distinguished and profitable ideas, and we contribute our expertise to managing, developing and directing these ideas to be successful and profitable projects for their owners, and we contribute to guiding them to overcome obstacles and manage them to reach complete success.

Do not be confused, my creative brother. Let your mind navigate the stations of your creative ideas. Let it produce and develop more and focus in your field. Leave everything to us. After that, we transform your ideas and what goes on in your mind without fatigue or suffering from you into profitable projects and pioneering factories. A product without any fatigue from you or suffering or even thinking about solving problems of intellectual protection, financing and implementation

Our contracts are bilateral between us and the innovator and the contract is the law of the contractors. Our contracts are not general or comprehensive and are not binding on other parties. We do not bear any responsibility towards others in the event that ideas coincide or leak unintentionally or deliberately by us or by a decision of a higher authority. We are intermediaries in the entirety of our services and work that we provide. We support you and I deserve your ideas and that you receive the value of your mental effort and your reward appropriate for the years of your education, diligence, experiences and mediators in order to reach the ranks of the most famous, smartest and most successful of the richest innovators.

Dear creator, your creativity and with it your life may be wasted in running after all of the above, and you will need a long time in years, high costs in millions and great effort, and the idea of your creativity will not be kept secret all these years and among hundreds of employees in all these companies until you start making your profits from your project ... except by contacting us We are Aibo and our services are different, fast, specialized and at the lowest prices... You innovate and we do everything for you to make profits.

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