The ratification and confirmation of the patent for the invention through the national law and also through international treaties, which affect the national law, thus inventions take on a regional character in the homeland.

In general, the state establishes a patent office responsible for activating a course within the national law of the state.

This office grants patents. There is a trend of general harmonization among patents at the international level through the World Intellecual Properity Orgnazation (WIPO).

There are several treaties that regulate industrial property in general and patents in particular

 1- Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property

 2- Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

3- The Patent Law Treaty (PLT) France has drawn up initial patent laws without infringing on judicial authorities.

The main principle is joint cooperation of the existing patent systems. In addition to the European Patent Convention (EPC) administered by the European Patent Organization (EPOrg.

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