How to obtain a patent

In the beginning, you must maintain the complete confidentiality of the invented product, and the reason is that if you presented an explanation about your product or service previously at a conference, and someone else took it and began to apply it, you may lose a patent registered in your name.

 If you get your idea from someone, you can discuss the matter with patent and property attorneys. Submit your papers to the competent committee in the competent patent offices.

The committee studies the invention well and compares it with other products, to decide whether the product is new and innovative or not. After submitting your application to the competent committee, submit it to the government agencies concerned with the patent.

After the application is studied, the government agency can ask you to make some amendments to your application. Usually, it takes a long time to obtain a patent. Since the application is carefully studied, and the period usually takes from three years to eight years, the reason is due to the difference in the approval of the patent from one country to another.

After approval of the patent, the product or service becomes issued in your name, and your rights remain protected for twenty years from the time the patent was issued.

If you want to register in a country other than yours, you have to take into account some things. We mention, do you want to sell your product or service in that country? Do you want to obtain a license for your product or service in that country? It must be borne in mind that the country in which you want to register the patent is a signatory to the terms of the patent agreement.

The patent process is an expensive and expensive process.

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