Legal protection for applications is one of the things that most concern the developers of programs and owners of applications and websites as well, especially when there is no special legal system to legally register the application in the country in which these developers work, which may limit someone from creating an application and uploading an application on Google Play for fear of Theft or copying of the application is primarily due to its lack of ownership rights to applications and websites and fear of stealing the idea. If you carry the idea of a specific application and are afraid to launch it, in this article we will explain the most important and best methods of legal protection and preserving the ownership rights of applications and websites so that you start publishing and implementing your ideas without worrying about violating the property rights of applications and websites

Given the extent of the growth in the field of creating applications and websites, there are many risks threatening applications and websites. These risks are not intended only from a security aspect, but also from an intellectual aspect.

With the emergence of new applications every day, there are many stalkers, either with the aim of penetrating applications and websites, or with the aim of copying the idea, and in both cases this is a violation of the rights of the application.

On the security side, there are ways to protect applications and websites, and they are related to security codes and software processes (Source Code). On the intellectual side, there are some measures that we will mention in this article.

Through the creation of mobile applications, you can be exposed to many risks related to the violation of the intellectual property rights of the application, and since there are millions of applications and websites on application stores and websites aimed at achieving profit, competition is very strong in the field of creating applications and websites.

On the application stores and websites, you find many ideas for wonderful applications and websites such as the Instgram application or WhatsApp. Perhaps it is difficult to steal or copy these applications and websites, but there are thousands of applications and other websites that you find many copies on application stores and websites.

So if you have a great idea for an application, you should take some necessary steps to protect the idea of this application from theft and copying.

Risks of neglecting the ownership rights of applications and websites A lot of harm befalls the developers of applications and websites by neglecting the steps to prove ownership of their applications and websites:

Ideas for applications and websites and making profits for others.

Not getting a full opportunity to profit from the application.

Fear of creating applications and websites and launching creative ideas.

The inability to claim if your ideas are stolen is the best way to prove ownership of applications and websites

Signing a non-disclosure agreement

Everyone knows that creating a powerful application is not a task that one man can do, and therefore you need application developers, websites and designers to complete that job well because you do not have all these different skills and therefore you are afraid of stealing the idea after disclosing it. You must first sign a non-NDA contract. Disclosure agreement Before the developers start working on the app, under that agreement, the idea cannot be stolen or disclosed or exposed to a legal issue. The great thing about NDA is that you will have peace of mind while working with the team without worry or fear.

• Signing the copyright in your favor, as we have made clear that creating applications and websites is not a one-man’s task. Therefore, we need application and website developers to write the code and application code. For you, the developers ’job is to translate your idea into an application that can be made profit from it, but you are simply not good at writing the code This makes the legal protection of your idea separate from the legal protection of the code or programming language used in the development of the application, as for the legal protection of the programming language used in the application, the laws related to this matter make it clear that the developers are the main owners of this application and the copyright is their own. Therefore, after completing the application, you must sign an agreement with the developers stating that the copyright of the software used is completely owned by you and not to anyone else, and thus you can protect the application software after publishing it and achieve success without having someone dispute you over the ownership of the application or its software.

• Requirements for obtaining a patent With regard to international general rules, there are no patents for computer programs, but there are some cases in which a patent for computer programs has been registered without any problems due to the fact that they meet the elements of novelty and originality. You can search if your application meets the requirements for patenting and thus you can register it.

Creating the application in itself is a protection for him to get an idea for the application is one thing, but starting to create an application is another thing, after starting to write the application code, no one can steal this from you. As for the idea of the application, the best way to protect it may be for the application to be published in the digital sphere as the first application that carries the idea and thus records the priority in its implementation, and this matter may actually protect how the idea is expressed without infringing on your rights, as for the idea itself it has no rights . An example of this is YouTube channels, as copyright protects channel owners from copying and stealing content, but by using it through certain different methods, the same content may be included under the principle of fair use. Therefore, it is better for you to start working on your application because that is the best way to protect it. As for those who try to copy or modify the idea, they appear as a copy of your application.

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